Teaching and Mentoring

A key part of my work over the past two decades has been dedicated to mentoring students, postdoctoral scholars, and junior faculty by providing them with information, support, and opportunities to advance in their careers.

I have prepared and taught undergraduate and graduate courses on the topics of race, ethnicity, and immigration. My courses are often students’ first exposure to issues related to racial inequality and ethnicity within an academic setting. My ultimate goals are to teach them new ways to think about the topic at hand, and to sharpen their analytical skills. Additionally, my approach to teaching emphasizes the connection between research and the lived experiences of individuals, and my hope is that students can apply the knowledge from my courses in their daily lives.

Overall, teaching and mentorship are a core part of what we do as scholars, and I see it as vitally important to pass on knowledge, skills, and opportunities to students and postdocs. 

Courses Taught at Indiana University


  • Sociology 101, Immigration and Social Policy 
  • Sociology 335, Race and Ethnic Relations 
  • Sociology 410, Intergroup Relations in the 21st Century: Conflict, Cooperation, and Social Change 


  • Sociology 556, Sociological Research Practicum 
  • Sociology 660, Race and Ethnic Relations