Workshops and Consulting

I provide workshops on academic publishing and funding opportunities for scholars from underrepresented populations who want to expand their knowledge about research opportunities and career paths. As a recent co-editor of American Sociological Review, I have extensive experience with the journal review and publishing process. Part of my tenure as co-editor was spent reading hundreds of manuscripts and reviews, and helping scholars develop their work. I also have participated in forums and workshops to help demystify the publishing process as well as the process of becoming an editor.

I offer consultations for scholars and administrators who are developing research centers and building research programs, policies, and practices within the university context to support diverse scholarship. As the Director for the Center for Research on Race and Ethnicity in Society (CRRES) at Indiana University, I had the opportunity to work toward raising the visibility of research on race and ethnicity across campus and beyond; supporting transformative interdisciplinary research; fostering a culture of mentorship and collaboration; building a postdoctoral research program to develop a pipeline of diverse, new generation of PhDs; and advancing racial equity and justice by creating a space and community where scholars can thrive.

Please contact the Diaz Collective for inquiries.